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Oil painting of West Point Lighthouse PEI showing the white lighthouse with black stripes on the beach
White lighthouse with black stripes on a beach

  Capture your memories in a painting with
  Prince Edward Island Artist

My Name June Ellis

If you love Prince Edward Island, these landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses and other Island paintings and prints will remind you of the playful or peaceful times you've spent exploring the Island in person.


Lighthouse in the Distance is one of my newest creations 11x14

Lighthouse in the Distance.jpg

Extra-Large Prints

Girls on the Beach is a very large print hanging on the dining room wall of a client

Heading 2

As an Island artist,
June Ellis captures beauty and simplicity in her Island lan
dscape paintings.

You feel kindred with her color palette and subject choices as they draw you in. 

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It is my logo of paint brushes and my name June Ellis
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