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  • Do you have free shipping?
    Yes, on most of my products there is free shipping.
  • What is the contact information?
    My contact information is: through email - through phone - 902-439-8774
  • What payments methods do you have?
    You can pay through my secure website, credit card or paypal.
  • Do you paint commission paintings?
    Yes, I enjoy painting commissions for my clients capturing their memories in a painting. I paint from the photos the clients give me for reference and communicate with my client through the entire process to ensure I am painting what they are wanting. It is a process that leads to a smile on my customers face. Commissions are very rewarding to paint!!!
  • Do you give art classes?
    Yes, I do give art classes. I give paint-night classes (also during the day) if groups would like to book. Everything is supplied and the cost is $35 per person. It is a two hour class painting in acrylics and everyone paints the same painting, but you can customized it to your liking. I would need a minimum of 6 people to offer the class (more depending on the distance). I have painted with as many as 20 people. For more information and to book, I would suggest you contact me through 902-439-8774 or email
  • Can I sign up for your newsletter and receive discounts?
    Yes, You can sign up for my newsletter. I usually send it out twice a month. It gives my subscribers a sneak peak of what I am working on and special discounts and draws over the year.
  • Do you have a blog?
    Yes, I do have a blog. It is under Artist Perspective.
  • What art medium do you use?
    My medium of choice is oil. However, I use acrylic and watercolour as well. Generally, when I teach the paint classes, I use acrylic.
  • Do you have a refund policy?
    Yes, for my own original paintings, I have a 30 day refund policy. However, the customer is responsible for shipping the product back to me.
  • What size paintings do you paint?
    I paint from size 6x6 inches to 36x36 inch paintings.
  • What paintings are on the site?
    On my site, there are paintings of landscapes, seascapes, lighthouses and flowers. I use photos as references for all of my paintings. Many of these are photos that I take myself while discovering hidden places on my travels across Prince Edward Island.
  • How long does it take to paint a painting?
    That depends on the subject matter and size. Some can take 3 hours (small paintings) and some 10 hours and others weeks.
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