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Learn to Paint


Have you ever thought that you would like to learn to paint.  You are never too young or too old to learn. Painting is a great opportunity to improve your mental health through creating your very own piece of art.  Art has an extraordinary way of touching our lives and making everything a little brighter.

As you paint, you will find many of the stresses of the day slip away while you concentrate on that brush stroke on your canvas or that splash of color.  It is a great sense of accomplishment to see your own creation materialize before your eyes. 


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Painting Classes

Mixing colours is very important.  When i first started, my instructor would only let us use the three primary colours: red, yellow and blue and white. 

I now use some more colours, but like going back to the three.  It is called 'limited palette'.

A new student often tells me, "I can't even draw a straight line." If I had a dollar for every time one of my students says that, I would be quite wealthy.

My answer is always the same, "That is what rulers are for."  

The main thing is to have fun with art.

I have taught many art classes both individually and as a group.

I have also done paint parties, which we have a lot of laughs doing.

Whatever your cup of tea as they say, give me a call or send me a message and we can work together on creating a piece of art unique to you.

I'm always willing to help you learn how to paint and guide you in your creation.  


Let's connect.  Call or text 902-439-8774.  To view some of my original paintings.

Painting palette, oil paints and brushes that artist uses to create paintings
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