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Enjoy the Fall Colours

Fall is here in full swing with the abundance of gorgeous colors. This painting is a 16x20 oil on stretched canvas framed in a floating frame. Available.


In the Studio

I have been busy finishing up a couple of paintings in the studio. One of them is below. I am also giving private art classes to a young lady once a week. I can honestly say we are both thoroughly enjoying the experience. If you or someone you know are interested, just send them my way.


Tips for the Artist in You

If we are going to get serious about practicing our art, we need to put time into our busy schedule to do it.

We need to make time whether it is only one hour a week. Pick a time where you can concentrate on your art without interruptions. That time then can be expanded to two hours one day a week. Who knows where it will go from there.


Most Recent Work

"Beach at Malpeque" is a 10x20 oil painting that I recently completed (available). I like to change things up with the size. This size 10x20 are always fun to use for beach paintings as they capture the wide view of the sand and sky. Hope you like it.


I wish everyone a safe fall season. Take the time to enjoy the colors. If you know of someone you think would enjoy my newsletters, please forward this email along to them and they can sign up with this link Talk to you soon. June

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