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Focus on what is important

Doing less of what is not important!

Get focused on what is important!

Passing of time is an oil painting I did for an art exhibition some time ago. We were given permission to stroll through the Wyatt House in Summerside, PEI, a house that is kept in it's original state for the public to immerse themselves in the past.

I picked the grandfather clock to paint as I felt this item depicted the passing of time and an appreciation of the history of our past. Original oil on 11x14 stretched canvas, framed.


Time to get focused on what is important!

No doubt some of the New Year's resolutions you eagerly wrote down have been cast by the wayside. We are all human, we have good intentions.

It is hard to stay focused! We need to learn to say no to things that we really don't want and not to feel guilty about it. And yes to the things we really want. Look to see where you are spending your time. Is there something you can do less of? We can't buy more time, but we can make better use of it.


In the Studio

I have to admit, my art resolutions have been taking a kicking as well. I planned to paint 20 paintings this year. Am I going to do it, I really don't know. But I do know that I have to get back into a routine of getting into the studio.

I need to break this massive goal down into workable parts. Like any goal, I need a plan.

I have broken it down from a year to a quarter - so if I can do 5 paintings from now until the end of March that should be doable. Then if I can get one done before the end of this month that should be doable. Then if I can get into my art studio 1-2 hours over ten days that should be doable.

So if it helps you in completing your goals - break it down.


Tips for the Artist in You

I am still on New Year's resolutions. How is yours coming along. Are you finding it hard to get back into the routine? That is the key, make it part of your routine. I know easier said than done, but it can be done. Put it on your 'to do' list and set a certain time of the day to be at your easel.


Most Recent Work

Here is a peek at my new painting that I finished.

"Lighthouse at Summerside Harbour".

It is 11x14 on stretched canvas.

I was reading up on the name Summerside. It was apparently named that because it was considered the 'sunnyside' of the Island. It truly is a great place, especially with the well-used boardwalk that takes you all along the Summerside harbour. You can see this lighthouse from the view of the boardwalk.


It has been nice chatting with you. Take care of yourself as we begin 2021. My wish to you is to stay healthy and safe.

And make it a great year! Talk to you soon. June

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