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"Poppies" is a textured oil painting capturing the flowers that symbolize Remembrance Day. The original is available framed in a solid wood floating frame (11x14) My father fought in World War II and my maternal grandfather in World War I. We have no idea of the trauma that they went through. We all need to remember the sacrifices that they made for us to live free.


In the Studio

I am working on the commission painting and getting along very well. I did something a little different with this one. I painted it as a miniature painting first and showed it to my client (a picture of it was in my last newsletter). A few personal things were added, which I think will give it that special touch. Then I drew it out on a large paper the size of the canvas to get the correct dimensions. From there, I traced it onto the canvas. Now I am in the process of painting. I will keep you posted on its progress.


Most Recent Work

This is a painting of the beautiful area around DeSable, Prince Edward Island. Sometimes one of the hardest things in painting is to come up with a name for a painting. If you have any ideas, please email and let me know. Thank you.


Tips for the Artist in You

Two Simple Rules that I try to follow in each of my paintings that gives a more pleasing outcome.

Rule of Thirds and Rule of Odds

Rule of Thirds involves composition in your painting.

The simplest way to explain it is to picture a grid with two vertical lines and two horizontal lines, creating nine equally proportioned boxes over your painting.

Once you have that, all the key features of your painting should fit within those boxes or sit along those grid lines. Your composition will be more interesting and will draw the viewer's eye across the scene. The end result is a more balanced and interesting painting. I never have the horizon in a landscape or seascape painting cut the canvas in half. I divide the canvas in thirds.

Either the sky will take of 2/3 of the canvas or the landscape 1/3 or the other way around depending on which I want to emphase.

The Rule of Odds also has to do with composition. Only this time it has to do with the number of objects in your scene. It's the same idea as the Rule of Thirds: odd numbers stand out. They make people stop and look.

So next time you create a painting, try to apply these two rules to make your painting more interesting.

If you have any questions please send me an email and I would be more than happy to help.


Hockey Season Has Started

I couldn't resist taking this photo of my grandson in his Toronto Maple Leaf jersey. I am hoping that Toronto have a better season this year. We can always hope, can't we.


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