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Discover the charm of simplicity in this original oil painting featuring a blue bicycle leaning against a rustic tree. Let this scene bring back memories of peaceful countrysides, gentle breezes and the carefree times when you road your own bike.

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In the Studio 

With March 8th being International Women's Day, I would like to acknowledge the strength, resilience, and inspiration of women everywhere.

From mothers to leaders, innovators, and changemakers, each woman leaves a mark on the world.

Here's to the incredible women who shape our lives, challenge norms, and pave the way for the future. Let's continue to uplift, empower, and support each other every day.

Cheers to the remarkable women who inspire us, including my amazing mom who I miss every day.


Most Recent Work

"Seacow Head Lighthouse" brings the coastal beauty of Prince Edward Island to life in one of my latest 8x10 oil paintings. The lighthouse stands as a symbol of quiet strength and timeless charm.

"Autumn Path" Experience the serene beauty of the fall with this gentle 11x14 original oil painting. In this painting, I attempted to create a scene of colorful leaves adorning the trees, gently falling onto a peaceful path below. 

"Setting Sail for the Catch" Feel the tranquility of early morning on the coast with this latest 11x14 oil painting.A sturdy fishing boat sets out to sea, its hull loaded with lobster traps, against a backdrop of soft pink and mauve sky.

The gentle colors of dawn cast a peaceful atmosphere, inviting you to join the journey as the day begins.In this painting, I attempted to capture the quiet beauty of maritime life, offering a moment of calm reflection and appreciation for the ocean's bounty

Stay tuned for more additions to my "Island Moments" series!


Tips for the Artist in You 

Let me know where you are in your artistic career.  What is working for you and what challenges you face.

Got questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at  


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Talk to you soon.  June  


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