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Something Special For Your Family And Friends

Something Special for Your Family and Friends

Winter is going, and we will be looking forward to summer once again. Our last summer was not great for many of our family and friends that could not make it home to spend quality time on our Island. I know my daughter in Alberta would have loved to come home but that wasn't to be.

I have something special

I am planning something special leading up to Islander Day and Valentines Day. With your many family and friends not able to get home last summer, wouldn't it be great to send them a little memory of Prince Edward Island for Islander Day or Valentine's Day?

I have many prints showing the beautiful Island scenery. Why don't you pick and purchase a print from my website and I can mail a little piece of PEI directly to your family and friends (free shipping). I can also add a little personal note from you. Just click on my website to see what PEI prints I have to offer .

In the Studio

I am trying to get myself back into the studio after the holidays. I have a couple of paintings started, but I may have to leave them as they are not coming together the way I would like. I may have to set them aside and perhaps start some winter paintings. Or go to my comfort zone of beach paintings. Will see.

Tips for the Artist in You

  • Focal Point - determine what is going to be the focal point of your painting. This is your subject

  • Light Source - determine the direction where the maximum amount of light is coming from

  • Position Elements - plan the spacing, size and position for all of the elements. This will bring unity to the composition

  • Colors & Values - warm colors come forward... cool colors recede.

  • Simplify - clutter and over use of unnecessary details do not strength a composition... the opposite is usually the case. Keep it simple!

Most Recent Work

Here is a peek at my new painting that I just finished. Cape Tryon, PEI. Can't beat those red cliffs of our Island. It is a 11x14 oil on stretched canvas ready to frame in a dark wooden floating frame.

It has been nice chatting with you. Take care of yourself as we begin 2021. Talk to you soon. June

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