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Where Will the Red Dirt Road Lead You in 2022?

Lane at Cabot - 11x14 oil painting on canvas. (original available) There are many red dirt roads on Prince Edward Island and this is one of them. One of my resolutions for 2022 is to follow some of those quiet country roads and see where they lead. Who knows, there may be a beautiful scene worth painting.


In the Studio Like the red dirt roads, we all have a road to follow and sometimes many different roads. We tend to focus too much on getting to the end of the road and not the journey to get there. Remember to take the time to enjoy the journey, sometimes the pictures to take are those that you encounter along the way, not just at the end of the road.


Tips for the Artist in You

Complementary Colors

Complimentary colors are pairs of colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. They create very interesting and beautiful color contrasts in a painting.

Mix Complementary Colors

When you mix two complementary colors together, they create a muted color. This is because when the two colors are mixed together, they create a grayed down or duller version of both colors. If you mix blue into orange, the orange would become less orange and the opposite is true.

If we were to use primarily saturated colors all over our painting, it would not look as interesting and nothing would stand out. If we use a lot of muted colors and make a few areas saturated, then those areas will stand out and be our focal point in the painting.

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Happy Painting!!


Most Recent Work

This is not a new painting, but rather a new print. It measures 48x65 inches and is a print that was done by a company in Quebec from my original oil painting. I was so pleased when my client sent me a photo of the print hanging in his dining room in Calgary, Alberta. Hope you like it.


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