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Embark on a visual journey to the enchanting Mill River in Prince Edward Island with "Blaze of Glory" – an original oil painting capturing the breathtaking essence of fall. As part of my 'Mill River' series, this masterpiece radiates the warmth and beauty found near the Mill River Resort. Join me on a stroll through nature's vibrant palette and immerse yourself in the vivid hues of autumn.


Own a piece of the Mill River magic! Click "Add to Cart" now to claim "Blaze of Glory," a stunning 16x20-inch oil painting on stretched canvas. Whether unframed or framed to perfection, this artwork is a celebration of fall's splendor. Revel in the hues, textures, and emotions brought to life in this piece. Limited availability, so secure your connection to Mill River's beauty today! To inquire about framing options or to acquire this mesmerizing piece, please send me a direct message. Let the "Blaze of Glory" illuminate your space with the radiance of autumn! 🍁🎨 #MillRiverArt #AutumnSplendor #OriginalArtwork


Blaze of Glory Painting

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