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Embark on a visual voyage to the captivating shores of Prince Edward Island with "Cape Tryon" – an original 11x14 oil painting showcasing the majestic red cliffs that define our island's charm. As a devoted PEI Artist, I've poured the essence of our coastal allure into this masterpiece, inviting you to experience the beauty of our red cliffs and seascapes.


Make "Cape Tryon" a part of your collection! Click "Add to Cart" now to claim the original, framed and ready to adorn your space. With free shipping to Canada and the USA, this enchanting piece is an opportunity to bring the scenic beauty of PEI into your home. Limited availability, so secure your connection to the island's charm and let the allure of "Cape Tryon" become a timeless centerpiece in your living space. 🌊🎨 #PEIArtist #CoastalBeauty #OriginalArtwork #FreeShipping - SOLD

Cape Tryon- Original Oil Painting 11x14

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