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Immerse yourself in the rich maritime history of Prince Edward Island with "Retired," a captivating oil painting that pays tribute to the rugged beauty of our island's fishing heritage.


This  artwork depicts a weathered fishing boat, its weary yet resilient demeanor hinting at the countless tales of adventure and toil it has weathered upon the sea.


As a dedicated PEI Artist, I've poured my passion for our island's maritime traditions into every brushstroke of this 11x14 framed masterpiece.


"Retired" stands as a poignant reminder of the  spirit of our island's seafaring communities, offering a glimpse into the storied past of the vessels that once sailed our coastal waters.


Don't miss your chance to own a piece of PEI's seafaring legacy—purchase the original painting of "Retired" today and bring the timeless allure of our island's maritime history into your home.

Retired (original oil painting 11x14)

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