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Back to School! Back to the Studio


"Canada Goose" is an 11x14 framed original oil painting. It is definitely a sign that summer is over when you see the formations in the sky. One piece of trivia that I came across when I was researching Canada Geese for my painting. "They mate for life." Another piece of trivia for you. Is why do geese fly in formation of a V? The common explanation seems to be that that arrangement enhances lift and reduces drag so flying together burns less energy than going alone. Some Canada geese can fly for sixteen hours without stopping. Working together definitely has its advantages! This painting is available. To view more paintings and prints, please go to my website.


In the Studio

The season is ending for most of the galleries so its is pick up time and storing the paintings that I have left. I am always looking for places to hang my art over the winter.

I also do art rentals to businesses and individuals who would like to rent art for their walls for a few months at a time. With the rent coming off the purchase price if the business/individual decides to purchase the painting.

If you or someone you know are interested, just send them my way.


Tips for the Artist in You

With all the students going back to class. Maybe it is time for you to check out an art class. I have taken classes from several artists and I always learn something new that I can take back to my own studio.

There are lots of free classes online that you can check out as well.

What I would like to learn this year is how to paint waves so it feels like you are right there in the moment. What would you like to learn to paint better?


Most Recent Work

"Lavender Fields" is an 11x14 oil painting that I recently completed (available).

I went on a road trip with my husband one day. He was working and I was busy taking photos of the customers back yard (with his permission of course). I came across this small plot of lavender. I just couldn't resist painting it. Hope you like it.



I was so excited, I cried!

My oldest daughter surprised me by flying home from Alberta with her husband. I hadn't seen Ashley in two years. What a surprise it was! She didn't tell anyone except her younger brother who also made it home from Fredericton. I hadn't seen Devon since last November.

Enjoy your time together with your family. Those moments are so precious.

If you know of someone you think would enjoy my newsletters, please forward this email along to them and they can sign up with this link

Talk to you soon. June

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