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Braving the Elements

Yes, spring is just around the corner and the clocks will soon be springing ahead. The Canadian Geese will be here before you know it.

In this painting, I like how I was able to capture the movement in the water, it's not always easy - 11x14 oil on stretched canvas, available ($400 - framed)


In the Studio

Spring is just around the corner and the days are already starting to get longer. Although it was -30 below with the wind chill today. We will soon be able to say we made it through another winter. Time to get in the last bit of snowshoeing before the snow is gone. I will soon be on the Rails to Trails again for my walks. And of course the beaches, can't wait. But before that, I am wanting to get some more large paintings completed. Time to get started on another one.


Tips for the Artist in You

I find it interesting how ones perspective of a painting changes over time.

You may have a painting that you created some time ago and now you look at it and see all the mistakes in it.

As we improve, our earlier mistakes become more visible to our eye. Don't fret over this. The fact you are able to notice flaws and mistakes in your earlier work is a sign of progress. It is actually a good thing.

Be proud of your earlier work, it shows how far you have come.

If you would like to reach out with a question, please hit reply to this email.

Happy Painting!!


Most Recent Work

I finished working on the 16x20 inch oil painting of a cottage near the shore in Ebsfleet, Prince Edward Island.

I call it "Braving the Elements" I'm letting you have a look at it before it goes on my e-commerce website. ($450)

I had just come from meeting with a client about three commission pieces that he wanted me to paint for him and this scene caught my eye. What does this painting make you feel when you look at it?

Several things came to my mind. Strength was one. This little house was weathered from the winds along the shore and was still happily standing strong. There are lots of weather that we have to stand up to in our lifetime. And I think we are all stronger for standing our ground. We all have an inner strength that sometimes surprises us.

If you are out and about and come across a scene that speaks to you, take a photo and pass it along to me. I would be very pleased to work on creating something unique on canvas for you to enjoy.


If you know of someone you think would enjoy my newsletters, and seeing my new art, please forward this email along to them and they can sign up with this link If you missed any of my newsletters, most of them are on my blog on my website. Talk to you soon. June

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