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Family Reunion Time

This is one of the beach paintings that I completed several years ago. I make prints of most of my original paintings. Some small prints and some very large!

We recently had a family reunion. It was great seeing people we haven't seen for a very long time. It was long overdue. With time slipping by so quickly, it is good to keep in touch with relatives and friends.


In the Studio I was able to finish the Round Bales and Lupins. It was great to get back into my art studio. (11x14) Available. I'm also working at two of the shops this summer where my paintings and prints are hanging. Both are cooperatives sharing space and time at the shops. It works very well for everyone.


Most Recent Work

Here is the painting that I recently completed. It helped that I worked on it at two local demonstration days. Then finished it up in my studio.


Tips for the Artist in You

With the painting that I recently completed, I was finding it difficult to get things to work out. So I decided to turn the reference photo upside down and the canvas. What a difference it made. I was able to concentrate on specific areas and work on those to make them more realistic.

If you are having trouble with your painting try this trick. It really does work. Drop me a line and let me know how it works for


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