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Making the Most of a Long Winter Month

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Red Fox on the Trail - 8x10 oil painting on canvas. (prints available) The original sold this summer at the Fox Den in Bedeque, Prince Edward Island. Happy winter trails to you.


In the Studio Like the fox on the trail, we too need to make the most of this long winter month. The days are cold and sometimes downright miserable. When the sun is shining and the snow is crunchy, we need to get out and enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk, hike, ski or snowshoe. Remember to take the time to enjoy the great outdoors without any mosquitos!!


Tips for the Artist in You

Try something new this month.

This month I am trying watercolor. I find it difficult, but fun.

I suggest going on YouTube and finding some tutorials. There are a few good ones.

If you would like to reach out with a question, please hit reply to this email.

Happy Painting!!


Most Recent Work

I am presently working on a 2x3 foot landscape oil painting. It is going to take me awhile. I started with a two inch wide brush to block in the sky and some of the foreground. I'll keep you posted on how it comes along. If you have a favorite photo that you would love to see in a painting, email me. I would be very pleased to work on creating your memories on canvas for you to enjoy.


If you know of someone you think would enjoy my newsletters, they can sign up with this link If you missed any of my newsletters, most of them are on my blog on my website. Talk to you soon. June

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