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Merry Christmas to Everyone

Hope Santa finds you! 🎅

Merry Christmas to you and the very best in the New Year!!

It has been a year to remember!

I hope you have remained healthy and coping well with all the shut-downs, isolations and distancing that we have had to do over the year. It certainly has been a year to remember for sure.

From my family to yours, I want to wish you much happiness at this Christmas season. I used the Charlie Brown Christmas as this is my very favorite Christmas movie - the true meaning of Christmas.


Art Life

I have been spending a lot of time on the computer; making adjustments to my website; up early in the morning getting emails ready to send out. There has definitely been a lot to learn on the business side of my Art Business. It is coming together with lots of help from others. It is surprising how much a person can learn. I try not to get frustrated by my mistakes.

I was able to do two paint nights with a Christmas Theme. They went very well with the proper sanitizing, distancing, etc. They were small groups, but everyone had fun and left with a painting to hang for Christmas. We will see what the new year brings and hoping I can offer more paint nights even on a small scale is okay too.

I would love to try some painting classes virtually. Will see how that works out as I will need some training on the equipment. (Ahg, more training!) I will keep you posted on this.

Please feel free to share this email to anyone you think might be interested in receiving it. If you wish to opt-out at any time, you can do so at the bottom of this email.


In the Studio

I have been busy this last couple of months.

First with the 12 Days of Christmas that I sent out to each of you with 12 paintings of PEI.

Then after I received all the reference photos from my Facebook request, I started into painting. I am trying to paint every day if possible. And things seem to be coming together nicely. I have posted some of my paintings on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. And, I can very happily say, I have had four sales because of posting these. And all four are going for Christmas presents!


Tips for the Artist in You

This piece to you is about brushes. I have favorite brushes that I use; different flat sizes, big ones, small ones and liner brushes.

One thing that I always tell students, is to take care of your brushes. Do not leave them sitting with paint on them, do not leave them sitting in water. If you are using oil, clean them with turp or paint thinner and soap and water each time after you use them. If you are using acrylic, clean them with soap and water. They will last you a long time, if you look after them.

They are your tools to create, look after them!


Most Recent Work

Here is a peek at my new painting that I just finished. It is of St. Martin's church in Cumberland, PEI. It is a 11x14 oil on stretched canvas ready to frame in a dark wooden floating frame. Just waiting for it to finish drying!


It has been nice chatting with you. Take care of yourself as we finish 2020, which has been a very memorable one. It is my hope that you stay healthy and safe in 2021. Talk to you soon. June 🎄

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