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Milestones in Your Life

This painting was done 13 years ago and the wind and tides have eroded away The Teacup Rock making it much smaller than what is shown in the painting. We take photos to capture memories and important times in our lives.


We recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary. It is an important milestone for us and we are so happy to be spending our lives together. A lot has happened over the last 40 years - new beginnings, births, changes, and loved ones passing away. So many beautiful memories along the journey.


In the Studio I don't have anything new that I am working on right now. There is one painting that I want to do some changes on though. I am struggling with watercolor painting and not making a lot of progress. So, hopefully, in the near future I can take some lessons from another artist or go to a workshop.


Most Recent Work

I am working on tweeking an older painting. There were things in it that just didn't seem right. I'm not quite sure if I am done yet. I may add some flowers in the front grassed area on the right. I'll just have to look at it for awhile and see.


Tips for the Artist in You

Signing Your Painting.

One of the most difficult tasks for a beginning artist is deciding how to sign your artwork. Signing your artwork can often lead to some anxiety.

Is my work good enough to sign? Where do I sign? What do I use to sign my work? Do I only sign if I am a professional artist selling my work in galleries?

The simple answer is you should sign your first painting or piece of art and continue from there.

Your signature is your brand, your mark of ownership. It identifies your artistic work as your own original.

It doesn’t matter if it will be sold or hidden away in a closet, it deserves to be identified as your original piece.

There is no hard and fast rule as long as the signature doesn’t detract from the painting. It can even blend in with the painting. You can use the paint medium that you are using for your painting or a permanent, smudge free marker. Make allowances for matting and framing. You don’t want your signature hidden behind a mat. However you decide to sign your artwork be consistent.

If you have any questions that I might be able to help you with, please let me


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