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Spring is Around the Corner and So are the Muddy Roads

The first day of Spring will be here in a few days. Hard to believe as we just had a snow storm this past week. I think spring should be moved to a date in April, at least for the Atlantic Provinces. This painting is an oil painting I did some time ago of my own daffodils that had come up in my front flowerbed. The painting went on to be a fundraiser for the Cancer Society on PEI. Prints are available - prints


In the Studio

I think my painting is almost finished a few little things here and there. What do you think? A person has to know when to stop with a painting. Sometimes you can go too far and it messes it up. That has happened to me before and I have to go back in and recreate in places. I am also busy with paint classes. It is so much fun to see the students put their own unique touch to their painting. Everyone is painting the same picture, but each turns out differently. I think they surprise themselves too! Message me if you would like to get a group together for a Paint Night


Most Recent Work

This is a 24x36 inch oil painting on stretched canvas that I recently completed. I didn't think I was ever going to finish adding leaves. So I had to stop. Another in my 'Mill River' series. I think I will name it "Walk Through the Woods". What do you think?


Tips for the Artist in You

I am wanting to learn more about painting clouds.

Have you ever as a kid, laid down on the grass and just looked up at the sky, watching the clouds form and gently sweep across the sky? Clouds are so amazing the colors, shapes and size.

I came across some good tips in painting clouds. The lightness and darkness gives your clouds its body and volume. To give them shape, form and dimension, you need to start darker with your clouds and build up the lighter areas. There are many tutorials on Youtube that can help you there.

If you have a question on another topic, please send me an email and I would be more than happy to


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