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Wouldn't Change a Thing!

This is a big day for my husband and me.

39 years ago today that we said "I Do"

Over the 39 years we: Built a new home together, raised 6 children (with all their sports), have 5 grandsons and built a farming life together all while both of us working off the farm. Days (and nights with babies) were not always easy but we managed together. Always supporting each other. I couldn't have worked outside the home full-time for 30 years, completed my Bachelor of Business degree (part-time) and sneaked in some painting classes all without the valued support of my husband. In turn he couldn't have built our farm up from nothing without my support to now over 400 hundred acres plus leased land, built four barns, operate a cow/calf farm and crops and work at numerous other off-farm projects. I wouldn't change a thing!

"Dusk at Twin Shores" is an 11x14 original oil painting. This is another part of the beach that I walk on daily when I am camping. The sunsets are incredible and the water and sand so beautiful. The water can be a bit cool - but you have to take the plunge. Isn't that true with life? This painting is available. To view more paintings and prints, please go to my website.


In the Studio

I did a painting demo at our local museum, with people gathered around to watch me paint. I thoroughly enjoyed it and don't mind people watching while I paint. (I'll show you the completed painting in my next newsletter).

I have also been working in a couple of the shops where I have my paintings, prints, notecards and bookmarks. I enjoy meeting new people at the shops and helping to promote fellow artisans work. I think it is important to promote each other.


Tips for the Artist in You

When you are out and about taking photos for your paintings be sure to take lots of photos, but most importantly take photos that are paintable. You don't want to be snapping random shots.

  • Take shots of views that interest you.

  • Make sure there is a focal point in your photos.

  • Take some closer up shots.

  • Don't forget to look behind you, I have found some great shots that I could have missed.

  • Email the photos to yourself so you can put them on your computer or IPad so you can crop where needed.

  • Don't forget, you don't have to paint everything in the photos. They are a reference for your actual painting.

If you need more information on these, drop me an email.


Most Recent Work

As I mentioned, I am not doing a lot of painting this summer, so unfortunately I don't have anything new to show you. However, here is one that I realized hasn't made it to my website. "Boardwalk to the Beach" oil on canvas framed. I encourage you to do some exploring and take some pictures. I do commissions, so if there is a photo that you would like to have made into a painting, please drop me an email at


We have finally had family home and it was so great. This year has made us all realize how important family and friends truly are. Looking forward to more visitors to come...

Enjoy your time together with your family.

If you know of someone you think would enjoy my newsletters, please forward this email along to them and they can sign up with this link

Talk to you soon. June

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