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Step into a world of serene beauty with "Moon Reflections," an original oil painting capturing the glow of a full moon over the tranquil waters of Prince Edward Island.


As a passionate PEI Artist, I am dedicated to preserving the serene essence of our island's landscapes.


This enchanting artwork, measuring 8x10 on stretched canvas, invites you to immerse yourself in the peacefullness of a moonlit night on PEI.


With each brushstroke, I've sought to capture the quiet magic of our island's moonlit shores, offering you a glimpse into the natural tranquility that defines Prince Edward Island.


Experience the timeless allure of "Moon Reflections" in your own home or office. Unframed and ready for display, this captivating painting comes with free shipping to ensure it reaches you safely and securely.


Don't miss your opportunity to bring the enchantment of a PEI moonlit night into your space—purchase "Moon Reflections" today and let its serene beauty illuminate your surroundings.


Moon Refelctions (original oil painting 8x10)

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