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Red Fox on the Trail - Winter Scene

Updated: Feb 26, 2023

"Red Fox on the Trail" is an oil painting that I did a few years ago. It sold at the PEI Fox Den in North Bedeque, PEI. (prints, notecards and bookmarks are available) This painting was done by using the background from one photo and the fox from another photo and putting them into one painting. I don't paint as many winter scenes as I do summer or fall. Maybe you can help me in that area? I am looking for a winter scene to paint. If you can send me your favourite winter scene that would be great!!!


In the Studio

I started another in the 'Mill River' series.This is a 24x36 inches oil on stretched canvas. Watch my Facebook for progress photos. Sadly I have not been painting on it much this past week, because I have been caught up in a couple of courses that I'm taking. One on Marketing and the other on Promoting Women OnLine. They have taken up quite a bit of my time. But then so does running an Art Business. It is not all about being at my easel. There is time on social media, time writing my newsletter and time taking courses to promote my business. That is what happens when you are trying to do it all yourself, but there are also rewards too. And part of the rewards is knowing that people like you enjoy seeing my work. Don't be afraid to pass it along to someone else you think would enjoy it. I like bringing smiles!! So to help bring those smiles, I have another giveaway for my newletter subscribers. On Islander Day, February 20th, I did a draw for a 5x7 print and the winner was Dorothy. She chose a print of the Lighthouse in Summerside


Most Recent Work

This is a 11x14 inch oil on stretched canvas that I recently completed. The lobster trap caught my eye and the soft colours in the background. I will be adding it to my 'Mill River' series.



Tips for the Artist in You

Still with the colour mixing theme, I wanted to show you the various colours of green that you can mix.

I use a lot of greens in my paintings so this can be helpful. I also have a tube of sap green, but like to mix my greens. The reason for mixing my own green is so I can control the shades of green.

I like to use Ultramarine Blue, Cadmium Yellow Medium and Cadmium Pale Yellow. You can also use different yellows to get the shades you want.

To make a warmer green, add yellow. To make a cooler green or darken it, mix more blue. Experiment with it.

When you are out and about this spring and summer look at all the different shades of green. It is endless!

If you have any questions, please send me an email and I would be more than happy to


Guess Who I Found

I was out snowshoeing and guess who I found - a little farmer in training. Grampy had Lenny in the tractor with him. He has his own seat in the tractor and just loves it.


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