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Take Time for Yourself

I hope you get a chance to take some time for yourself this year. Whether it be on a trip or to relax at home. We all need a little time for rest and to recharge our batteries. This scene will be one of my future paint nights coming up this year. If you would like to get a group together for some fun, just message me I have four classes booked for a spring scene when I get back on holidays and before I go on my sister trip across Canada.


In the Studio

My fifth painting is moving slowly. I had hoped to get it done before I went on vacation, but I was busy getting my notecards, bookmarks and prints ready for the gift shops. The tourist season will be upon us before we know it.


Most Recent Work

This is a progress photo of the painting I am working on. Going a little slower than I had hoped. It may be one a leave for a bit and come back to.


Tips for the Artist in You

I have discovered a new brush that I love for making very fine lines. This is what I am using on the painting I am working on. I find it very good for doing the fine thin branches.

Here is a photo of it. Let me know what favourite brush works well for you.


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